When droidcon Berlin opens its doors on 20 October 2021, Messe Berlin and the entire droidcon Berlin team will ensure that the event is optimally staged and that the regulations in force at that time are complied with. That is certain!


The concept is based on 'Hygiene, distance, testing and contact tracing'.


We appeal to the personal responsibility of everyone to observe the recognized rules of distance and a "no handshake policy".

All measures are subject to change in accordance with German Health Regulations.

What about hygiene? What regulations is droidcon taking in this regard?

Part of the event-related hygiene and safety concept is a specific cleaning and hygiene plan. As part of this, in addition to the regular cleaning and disinfection of toilet facilities, door handles and handrails, mobile stations for hand disinfection can be found at the entrances to the site, as well as in the toilet facilities themselves. In addition, we advise participants on appropriate hand hygiene and compliance with the cough and sneeze label.

Do I have to wear a mouth and nose cover at the event?

As of now, it is mandatory to wear a face mask during the event.

How safe is the air conditioning system? Couldn't it be possible that viruses are distributed in the hall?

Messe Berlin's air conditioning system is operated exclusively in outside air mode without a recirculation component. This means that the air is not simply circulated, but exchanged. Messe Berlin's HVAC systems ensure that the ventilation systems in all rooms and halls are optimally controlled during events. This ensures sufficient air exchange rates / drying with the highest possible supply air proportion (depending on the outside weather/temperature). The risk of aerosol virus transmission can thus be reduced to a minimum, according to current virological assessment.

If I suddenly don’t feel well, where can I get help?

At all events, Messe Berlin guarantees immediate medical care by trained staff and appropriate on-site facilities. If symptoms such as cough or fever occur before visiting droidcon Berlin, we advise all participants not to enter the exhibition grounds and to consult a doctor immediately. In case of an emergency on the exhibition grounds: First aid from a doctor by telephone: +49 30 3038-2222 In case of an emergency outside the exhibition center: Berlin hotline in case of suspicion of Covid-19: +49 30 90 28 28 28 8 (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) Hotline "Medical on-call service": +49 116 117 only call the ambulance in an emergency: 112 Doctors on site in Berlin (most speak English) Remember: Before visiting a medical support center, call and inform them about the suspicion of Covid-19.

How does droidcon ensure that the minimum distance of 1.50 m is maintained?

As part of our general hygiene and safety concept, we have developed extensive measures to enable compliance with the distance rules. This includes, for example, separate entrances and exits, reduced seating in front of stages and appropriately dimensioned passage widths.

Is contact follow-up required?

The contact details and presence times of all participants will be recorded via a certified App prior to the event, i.e. specifically: first and last name, telephone number, full postal address or email address. Please note that all persons (sponsors, visitors, service providers, ...) have to register online before the start of droidcon Berlin 2021. Tickets are still available online onsite. An identity check will carried out when entering the exhibition grounds, i.e. the name on the access authorization/entry card must match the proof of identity (ID). Otherwise, it won´t be possible to enter the premises. droidcon Berlin organisers will use a certfiied App to track and trace the attendees data. Attendance times will also be recorded when entering or leaving the venue. However, they will only be available for the responsible health department if requested by the authorities. The data will be processed in accordance with data protection requirements and deleted four weeks after leaving the venue. As a sponsor, you are responsible for managing a contact list of those present at your stand and for making it available to the health authorities to identify contact persons of Covid-19 infected persons. All data must be stored for four weeks in compliance with the introduction of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and then deleted.

How does droidcon protect sponsors and visitors from potential infection with the coronavirus?

The safety and health of our sponsors, partners and visitors is our top priority. Therefore droidcon has developed a comprehensive hygiene and safety concept based on cooperation with the responsible health department. This concept is based on the following principles: hygiene, distance and contact tracking. What specific measures are being taken to ensure that droidcon Berlin runs safely and successfully? - Compliance with strict and increased cleaning cycles for communal facilities and contact areas - All sanitary facilities will increasingly subjected to surface disinfection, and the soap dispensers will also constantly refilled and disinfected - The operational control of the modern ventilation systems ensures that the halls are always well ventilated - Permanent, active information before and during the event about measures to be taken to prevent infection by everyone - High density of hand washing and hand disinfection options at entrances, information stands and catering points - Observance of the recognized distance rules and appeal to personal responsibility - Prioritization of a "no handshake policy" In addition to the responsibility of droidcon, everyone involved in events is also responsible for implementing the hygiene and safety measures. For information, these regulations and other general principles of conduct are announced in advance online and on-site on notice boards. The rules can be safely implemented thanks to the house rules that apply to everyone present.

How do I get access to the event?

We will only admit ticket holders with an official negative Antigen Covid test proof, not older than 24 hrs, valid until the end of the first event day, for the dcBerlin 2021. This test can be carried out free of charge everywhere in pharmacies, test centers, etc. NO PCR test required! It does not matter if a person is vaccinated or recovered - the test is mandatory. On the following two days of the event, we offer all participants the opportunity to get tested free of charge for the next day in a mobile test station specially designed for droidcon Berlin 2021 at the event's venue. The test will take place during the first and second event day. The result will be sent to the cell phone 15-20 minutes after the test. In the case of a positive Covid test, a PCR test is also possible to take at your own expense. This allows all attendees easy access on all days. Please make sure you are allowing yourself not more than 24 hrs to get tested again. In case of a positive Covid test result, we will definately refund the ticket costs.