When droidcon Berlin opens its doors on July 6, 2022, Messe Berlin and the entire droidcon Berlin team will ensure that the event is organized in the best possible way and that the regulations then in force are complied with. 


The Berlin Senate introduced a 2G option model for events and droidcon Berlin has opted for the 2G model. We made this decision based on the results of our community survey. Another aspect is that we cannot rule out the possibility that the requirements of the authorities may become more stringent in the coming weeks. We hope to achieve a balance between safety, precaution, and a satisfying event experience for everyone. 


We also appeal to the personal responsibility of each individual to observe hygiene precautions such as cough and sneeze etiquette and the "No Handshake Policy".

Must I wear a face mask during the event?

The provisions of the Infection Protection Measures Ordinance valid at the time of the event apply. Restricting access to vaccinated and recovering people makes it possible to dispense with the mandatory wearing of medical masks.

What about physical distancing?

The provisions of the Infection Protection Measures Ordinance valid at the time of the event apply. Restricting access to vaccinated and convalescing people makes physical distancing unnecessary.

How about hygiene? What measures is droidcon Berlin taking here?

A specific cleaning and disinfection plan is part of the safety and hygiene concept of the droidcon Berlin. In addition, to regular cleaning and disinfection of toilets, door handles, and handrails it includes installation of mobile hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrances to the venue and inside bathrooms. Furthermore, we urge participants to observe hand hygiene as well as to cover their mouth and nose with a tissue when they cough or sneeze or use the inside of their elbow.

What requirements must I observe if I am arriving from another country?

The current travel restrictions issued by the Federal Republic of Germany apply: persons who have spent time in a “risk area“ over the last ten days prior to entering the Federal Republic of Germany must observe certain quarantine, testing, and registration rules. As a basic rule, travelers entering Germany from any high-risk area abroad are obliged to fill out a digital registration form prior to their arrival. This form can be filled out directly here. “Risk areas“ are countries or regions outside the Federal Republic of Germany where persons are at high risk of being infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The Robert Koch Institute provides a regular update of the list of high-risk areas abroad. Please find out about the current requirements before traveling. Please note that depending on the area you are arriving from, additional entry restrictions may apply. You can find information on the coronavirus and travel to Germany in various languages here.

Is contact tracing required?

In order to be able to track and locate possible infections and in accordance with legal requirements, droidcon Berlin is obliged to collect information on all participants. droidcon Berlin will use an App for the purpose of contact tracing. Your LogIn will be checked at the ticket registration/ entrance. The attendance documentation also applies to service providers, staff, and other persons during the entire event period. Data will be passed on to the competent health authorities only upon official request. The data will be processed in accordance with data protection regulations and stored for a fortnight after the last day of the event (in the case of a negative test result: for 48 hours) and then deleted.

How is droidcon Berlin protecting sponsors and attendees from the possibility of infection by Covid-19?

The safety and health of our sponsors and attendees have the utmost priority for us. Therefore, droidcon Berlin has developed a comprehensive safety and hygiene concept – based on the current Infection Protection Measures Ordinance and in coordination with the public health authorities. Besides restricting access to only vaccinated and recovering people, our concept is also based on the principles: Hygiene, ventilation, and contact tracing. It takes into account the specifics of each event and the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic.

What means 2G? Do I need to present proof of vaccination in order to visit the event?

droidcon Berlin is guided by the principle that only persons who are able to present proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 at the entrance to droidcon Berlin are admitted. As documentation, the following must be observed: Vaccinated persons must supply proof that they have been fully vaccinated (a minimum of 14 days after their second jab with a vaccine approved by the European Union (currently AstraZeneca, Biontech/Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna). Persons who recovered from Covid-19 more than six months ago must present a positive PCR test result as well as documentation of at least one jab with a vaccine approved by the European Union. If their recovery from Covid-19 falls between 28 days and six months ago then the presentation of a positive PCR test result is sufficient. Please note that due to the new official requirements in Berlin, the proof will only be accepted in digital form (EU certificate with QR code) in conjunction with photo ID For non-EU citizens, there is an exception clause in the current legislation. A negative PCR test (valid for 48 hours) is accepted as an alternative. We regret the circumstances, but unfortunately the authorities impose these strict regulations on us. The 2G rule applies only on the dates of the event. Construction and dismantling periods are exempt from this rule, however, we ask our service providers as well as our partners´ service providers to deploy only person that respect the 2G rule.

How effective is the ventilation system in the exhibition halls? Is it not possible that the virus will spread in the hall?

There is a ventilation system in the CityCube that will provide an adequate air exchange rate or air volume during the event.

Where can I get help if I suddenly feel unwell?

droidcon Berlin guarantees that qualified first aid helpers are available on-site to provide immediate medical help during the event period. Please note that persons who have typical symptoms of an infection with COVID such as coughing or high temperature (regardless of vaccination, proof of negative test) are not allowed to enter the venue.