Interactive Day

When, Where, What?

The Interactive Day of droidcon Berlin 2021 takes place June 16.

It will consist of interactive panel discussions, workshops / codelabs and over 20 Barcamp sessions on multiple tracks. 

Barcamp Sessions

We follow the BarCamp format for the Interactive Day:

In the morning between 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM, any attendee will have the opportunity to pitch an idea for a talk to give that day.  The audience votes collectively on which sessions they want to hear and by the end of that hour a schedule will be crafted. 


How do I prepare?

Did you give a session at a previous event? Conference or Meetup? Bring it!


You submitted a session to the CfP for droidcon Berlin but got rejected? Happened even to the most well-known speakers so this is your 2nd chance. Bring that talk!


Bring topics we might have missed in the official schedule!

Discuss what you learned on the two previous days!

Bring a topic you are excited about!

Tell your own story!

Show your library!

Or just bring questions and lead a discussion with your audience.



Talks are either 20 minutes or 30 minutes in length.