"Offline" is not an error

Yonatan Levin

Mobile Tech Lead


Building an app that "just works" is not enough. Our users will not wait till we synchronize the data, and they expect their app to be available all the time, right now, regardless of where they are. Yonatan will share lessons from building a fast, reliable, offline-first monday.com app that many global companies use daily.

In this talk, We will learn "boom performance," the technics to achieve that, and how to build app architecture to support offline changes using a modern Jetpack stack and make our users happy. We will learn how to create reactive DB observation using coroutines & Room for complex nested data, build intelligent data prefetch, and finish with offline editing of user's actions using work manager and Room.

Android developer for the last 8 years. participated in the GDE program for 3 years.
Founder of Android Academy, non-profit largest community of Android developers across 4 countries
Spoke in various Droidcons and DevFests.
Vast experience in building mobile products in scale - from ride-sharing app Gett to leading Mobile team in monday.com