Adding Flutter to your app - what are they not telling you?

Łukasz Wiśniewski

Software Engineer


Do you feel like using Flutter but the complexity of your existing project is preventing you from taking the first step? Is cross platform development on your mind but you’re unsure how Flutter can be adapted to the legacy code? Back in 2019 I was a part of one of the first companies to include parts of Flutter in its existing iOS & Android apps. Now I would like to retro that process with you.

In this talk we’ll explore holistically what was the impact of choosing Flutter as a tech stack for the company. From the initial PoC to the first release, it's a unique insight on:

Merging teams, dealing with the human factor.
Defining adaptive design system
Migration strategy & planning
Software Architecture
Development Process: Tooling, Testing, CI/CD
The Dart Side - What is Google not telling you?

I've been doing mobile for over 10 years now - for me it started with writing an Android app while only emulators were available.

Companies/Apps I was involved with: DeutscheBahn/EyeEm/Last.fm/TweetDeck/Twitter/Snapcat (an app for cats to take selfies). Currently a CTO at BetterTogether Ventures GmbH