Android Architecture Design with Koin

Arnaud Giuliani

Android Engineer


Koin (https://insert-koin.io) is a pragmatic dependency injection framework for Kotlin/Android developers, well known for its ease of use. In this session, I propose to see together how we can structure our components, for the following topics:
* Classical Components in MVP, MVVM
* Dealing with Scopes
* Jetpack Navigation
* Jetpack Compose
* Integrating with Multi Platform

And bonus, we will talk about incoming Annotation Processing tools.

Software developer for more than 15 years. Since a while now, I work as mainly as a Senior Android developer and keep hands in backend stuff. I'm working with Big companies as well as with startups. I'm a speaker since 2016. I talk mostly about Kotlin, Android & Koin. In 2017, I've created Koin (https://insert-koin.io), a lightweight dependency injection framework for Kotlin.