Backend Engineering for Android Developers

Himanshu Singh

Android Engineer

With Kotlin growing in popularity, it's about time we start looking at Kotlin as a language that has superpowers.
When we talk about backend technologies, we have a lot of languages/frameworks like Go, Java, Python, etc.
But when we talk about Kotlin as a backend language, it might raise a lot of eyebrows
But let me try to convince you that Kotlin is definitely a good choice for Backend! We will talk about Ktor (A framework for Kotlin) to build a fast backend that can be re-used on your client side.

We will cover,
1. Setup Backend
2. Basics
3. Power of coroutines
4. Architecture of Ktor
5. Production grade requirement
6. Testing
7. Deployment

Himanshu is a Full Stack Kotlin engineer and works as Android Engineer on the professional side. He is also a Google developer expert in Android and Kotlin. He is an active blogger, speaker, and content creator. He loves to mentor and share his knowledge to help people move into the development world!