Becoming a mentor, why and how?

Florian Mierzejewski

Senior Android Engineer


I've been actively mentoring developers in the past few years, in this talk I'd like to go over how I went from a position of being mentored to being the mentor, what mistakes I made along the way and what I learned. We will also respond to the false statement of "mentoring is a waste of time" and look at some key points such as:
- mentoring, not micromanaging
- creating a safe space where it's okay to make mistake
- identifying areas that can be improved and coming up with a plan
- developing a culture around pair programming

Software engineer with a strong mobile background.
I’ve worked for widely different clients in various countries, on an even wider range of projects. From greenfield to enormous untested legacy codebase, I’ve seen glory and horror while always managing to have a positive impact. Eternal learner, you’ll always find me with a book, listening to a podcast or at a local meetup to improve what I know or discover something I don’t. TDD, clean code, best practices, pair programming but also empathy and compromise.