Bluetooth LE for Modern Android Development

Erik Hellman

Software Developer


Bluetooth Low Energy has had a rough time on Android. While the API was introduced back in Jelly Beans, it has suffered numerous bugs and flaws over the years.

Fortunately, things have improved since then. BLE is now easier to work with, much thanks to small additions to the platform APIs, but also with the introduction of new services and APIs in the framework.

In this session we will look at how to write apps for BLE peripherals like smart watches and other IoT devices. We'll look at best practices, common pitfalls, and even what to require from the engineers writing the embedded code for peripherals.

Hopefully this session will be useful for all who are working with BLE in any capacity, or simply have an interest to learn more.

Erik was raised in the dark woods of Sweden, where the was nothing to do but to learn how to write code for PCs. After many years of suffering through experiences of early C++, Visual basic, Delphi, and every version of Java and C#, he has now found Kotlin and feel comfortable that the future for software is bright again.