Building a books app with Jetpack Compose and Firebase

Rosário Pereira Fernandes

Google Developer Expert


Having a successful Android app often means having a beautiful and modern UI + a solid and fail-safe backend. Gone are the days when this could only be achieved with the good old Android Studio's XML Layout Editor and a dedicated server. Nowadays Android Developers can build apps faster with declarative UIs and serverless backends.

In this workshop, Rosário will be showing how to build an Android app with Jetpack Compose and Firebase to display a list of books and their information.

Session breakdown:
10min - Creating a Jetpack Compose Project
20min - Creating Lists with Compose
10min - Creating a Firebase Project and setting up Cloud Firestore
10min - Displaying data from Cloud Firestore
20min - Creating a Form with Compose
10min - Sending form data to Cloud Firestore
10min - Q&A

Rosário P. Fernandes is a Firebase GDE, Mobile App Developer at Champier and Community Organizer at GDG Maputo.
Rosário has made many contributions to the Firebase Open Source Community and answered hundreds of Firebase questions on StackOverflow. He generally helps developers improving the way they develop their apps.
When he's not doing one of these things, he enjoys playing video games and watching movies.