Building a Production-Ready Chat SDK Using Jetpack Compose

Filip Babić & Márton Braun

Android developer


In this session, we'll talk about how we built the world's first Jetpack Compose Chat SDK, what challenges we met along the way and why put so much trust into a technology that only recently became stable.

We'll talk about the API design and what decisions we've made to allow for both default behaviour and UI and a rich set of customisation options.

Filip Babić is an Android developer from Croatia, and a Google Developer Expert for Android. He previously worked at the Five Agency, building world-known applications, such as the RosettaStone language-learning application and AccuWeather, the globally known weather reporting app, and at COBE d.o.o., a German-owned mobile agency, which is partners with the biggest German media company. Filip is currently in his early twenties, and is enrolled at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informational Technologies in Osijek, Croatia, and is finishing up his Master's degree in Computer Science, currently holding a Bachelor's degree in CS. He should finish up his studies in the year 2020.

Altruistic when it comes to consulting and mentoring, trying to give help to everyone, whenever possible, motivated by the ideology that the Android ecosystem we live in is only as good as we make it. Writing a large number of articles, tutorials, and guides, both through self-publication on Medium and through the RayWenderlich team. With his writing peaking, as he became an author for the book Kotlin Coroutines by Tutorials - the first, and currently only, Kotlin-Coroutine-related book out there, under the RayWenderlich publication.

A highly community-driven individual, holding over twenty different talks in Croatia and heading over to four global conferences, having applied to many more to come. He is also passionately involved in the local IT community in Osijek, being the lead Meetup and GDG Osijek chapter organizer, trying to generate as much positive energy and content for both the new developers and the veterans.

He also organizes the Android Developer Academy in Osijek, a free, voluntary initiative, to promote the teaching and education of new prospective Android developers. Filip currently lives in Osijek, Croatia, but has been known to travel, and stay in Zagreb, because of his employment, and to travel around for conferences he enjoys speaking at.

A Kotlin enthusiast since the 1.0 of the language. Ranked right around the very top of the Kotlin tag on StackOverflow. Creator of a couple open source Kotlin libraries. Android developer (and self-proclaimed Kotlin evangelist) at AutSoft. Android/Kotlin tech editor at RayWenderlich.com. University student, working on a master's in computer engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Instructor at the same university, teaching Kotlin and Android.