Coroutines for Kotlin Multiplatform in practise

Christian Melchior

Android Engineering Lead


With coroutines being the de facto way of exposing async work and streams of changes for Kotlin on Android, developers are obviously attempting to use the same approaches when moving their code to Multiplatform.

But due to the way the memory model differs between JVM and Kotlin Native, it can be a painful experience.

In this talk, we will take a deep dive into the Coroutine API for Kotlin Multiplatform. You will learn how to expose your API with Coroutines while working with the Kotlin Native memory model instead of against it, and avoid the dragons along the way.

Christian is the Android Engineering Lead at Realm and is focused on making Realm's Java and Kotlin SDK's the default choice for developers. He has a strong love for clean, approachable code that's fast to boot.