DataStore Preferences and migrating from SharedPreferences

Hitesh Das

Senior Engineering Manager

Times Internet

Is your app using SharedPreferneces heavily to store persistent data? What is the modern way to store data into shared persistence? What the heck is DataStore? Etc. Etc.

Well, the talk will cover all the nitty gritty of modern android development with datastore and migration from the Android legacy SharedPreference API.

I am an Android enthusiast with a Computer Science and Engineering degree, I have close to 11 years of work experience in Android app develeopment. Currently leading the central mobile team at Times Internet (India); Mentoring and managing to work together to create an environment of curiosity, encouragement, and technical growth. Work with the Product and Design teams to establish, architect and deliver solutions and making customers happy with technology.

I love to cook, write blogs, sing, listen to music and meet new people and I strongly believe the maxim "When we share, we open doors to a new beginning".