Get in the fast lane; Android Automotive OS

Juhani Lehtimäki


Snapp Automotive & Snapp Mobile

Snapp Automotive have created Android Automotive OS builds for various devices and a long the way have learnt about the challenges of developing car applications, firmware, and how to interface into the vehicles other systems.

In this talk I'll be covering why app templates are limiting but valuable, what information you can get from the car to customise your users experience, and some of the situations you need to consider when developing in-car applications. I'll also explain how similar Android Automotive OS is to other Android environments, and how, as a developer, with very little effort, you can provide your users with an in-vehicle experience which is an extension of their mobile/tablet rather than feeling like a disconnected add-on.

CEO at Snapp Automotive
CTO at Snapp Mobile
I'm an Android developer, design fanboy and Android GDE. I blog, talk and rave about needs for engineers to appreciate design and preach about way for multi-discipline teams to work together to create great real-world products.