Hosting our states in Compose

Dinorah Tovar

Platform Mobile Engineer


In this talk, we are gonna talk about the importance of State Hosting in Jetpack Compose as a clean way to keep our views updated!
We are gonna discuss, concepts that all developers should know with a little twist on Declarative UI with clear examples of how to do it in Jetpack compose. For example, encapsulation, single source of truth, and Decoupled composables!
We are also going to travel over functions like remember { } that allows you to remember the state even on recomposition.
All of these questions and ideas will be learn by easy examples!

Dinorah is Platform Mobile Engineer at Konfio, In the past, she led the mobile engineering teams of Lonely Planet and the Boston Consulting Group. She’s also a speaker in many tech conferences for the community, like Women Who Code, Droidcon and Kotlin Everywhere.