How to survive on Android and don't get killed

Jiří Richter & Petr Nalevka



A cold-blooded war is raging on Android between “what users can do with their devices” and “how much their device lasts on one charge”. Every new Android OS version is less merciful about your background processes. Different OEMs kill your apps straight away without asking if you do something useful for your users or not. New weapons of mass destruction are invented year by year. Their names? Doze mode V1!, Doze mode V2!, Background restrictions!, Adaptive battery! and more are coming this year whose evil names are yet to be known. But we can already imagine their devastating powers.

Some OEMs are more cruel than others. The darkest warlords of them all? Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi in that order. They employ elite trained assassins called task killers whose insidious ways are yet to be documented.

It seems impossible to survive, but there is hope! A small group of relentless developers (let’s call them the Resistance) did gather around a project dontkillmyapp.com. They have risen up against the evil hordes of kill -9. They have years of experience with long running processes and alarms on Android since the carefree times of Cupcake till the dawn of Pie. And they are here to share tips and guides with users and developers on how to survive in those dark times. Viva la Resistance!

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Father of two boys. Working with lots of technologies at Urbandroid Team and on his own.

Petr is a developer, life-hacker, startupist, libertarian, Ph.D., Pastafarian priest, tripple-father but most of all a Geek. His Android apps are used by millions of people world-wide.