Inhibiting the impostor

Ana Baotić

Software Engineer

Have you ever had an experience where a small voice in your head prevented you from acting on an idea, stopped you from sharing your knowledge or trying something new, or maybe even made you feel like your achievements were nothing special?

That voice is more common than you think!

In this talk we will go over the basic steps that will help you materialise, deconstruct and take control of that voice, helping you distinguish the useful bits of information that can help you grow from the overwhelming debris and clutter. You will learn how to notice the early signs of its onset and manage the situation to your benefit. Finally, you will learn to use simple tools that will help you recognise and acknowledge your achievements and help yourself and others fight the invisible menace.

Ana is a software engineer with over 8 years experience in Android.

During college she focused on various e-learning projects and plagiarism detection. After getting her Masters degree in CS, she started developing for Android at an Zagreb-based agency, working on various projects in the telecommunication, medical and travel industry. After switching to mobile banking and security, in 2016 she took the role of Technical Manager of Mobile banking. She is currently working as a Project Manager at Asseco SEE. In addition to coding, she loves organising workshops and working directly with clients, helping to close the gap between the technical and practical in the mobile industry.

Apart from coding and public speaking, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.