KMP for Mobile Developers

Enrique Lopez Mañas

Google Developer Expert

Android and Kotlin developers have been excited about KMP, and the prospect of being able to use it in different platforms, but what about Swift developers? Can KMP help them to write multiplatform code? Does it make sense for them? What is the current State of the Art of KMP and Swift? In this talk we will give an overview of KMP for mostly for swifteristas, and try to answer those questions and more.

Enrique López Mañas is a Google Developer Expert and independent IT consultant. He has been working with mobile technologies and learning from them since 2007. He is an avid contributor to the open source community and a FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) kind of guy, being among the top 10 open source Java contributors in Germany. He is a part of the Google LaunchPad accelerator, where he participates in Google global initiatives to influence hundreds of the best startups from all around the globe. He is also a big data and machine learning aficionado.

In his free time he rides his bike, take pictures, and travels until exhaustion. He also writes literature and enjoys all kinds of arts. He likes to write about himself in third person. You can follow him on Twitter (@eenriquelopez) to stay updated on his latest movements.