Lesson Learned from building successful android library: PhotoEditor

Burhanuddin Rashid

Application Developer


Building the same components from scratch for your Android projects time after time just doesn’t make sense. This is why libraries are really powerful — Building an android library is easy, but building one that keeps in mind developer happiness is rare but not hard. And if you build something cool yourself, why not share it with the world?
In this talk, I’m going to share what I learned building an android library called PhotoEditor, which has become the most widely used android library for Photo Editing with 1,50,000 downloads so far. If you new to android or don’t know anything about Android or Photo editing, its fine since the learnings I want to share is about what it takes to build an open-source Android library and want I’ve learned from it.

I am a Software Craftsman and Open-source enthusiast from India and Google Developer Expert in Flutter.

Currently working at Technogise, Pune. I have been working on Android and Kotlin from the past 4 years and Exploring Flutter as well. I am movie freak and big-time Marvel and Game of Throne (I was :D) fan. I try to learn and share my knowledge by writing blogs or speaking at conferences.