Nail your Gradle build time

Josef Raska

Android Engineer


The story and learnings from optimising build time in a project with 20+ contributing teams having hundreds of build hours every week.

The talk will first explain why is it crucial to build your applications fast and how much it matters to your project delivery and happiness of your engineers.

We will dive into ways to measure Gradle build time effectively across the teams and ways to analyse collected data to understand the impact and effectively point you to the problems within your builds. Using these data, we will continue to the details of Gradle profiling tools and experimentation, to reveal hidden issues of the build. Our practices of Gradle builds scan analysis and our experience with Gradle Enterprise will be shared as well.

Following part will discuss observed effects of modularisation or caching improvements, which have both positive and negative effects. We will as well pay attention on optimising Gradle configuration time and effects of small local system environment differences of individual engineers, which may affect build significantly.

Our build time journey shown us that when given some love, build time can be dramatically improved and help you with more effective product delivery, making your engineers to build faster and more often.

Key takeaways
- Measurement of all builds is a key.
- Experiment with your builds the same like you experiment with your features.
- Modularisation and caching can have both good or bad impact on build time.
- Local optimisations can have huge impact.
- Build time can be improved dramatically when receives attention - investment does not have to be too big.

Josef is an Android Engineer at Skyscanner Barcelona and he spent the last decade of his engineering time on Android and related services. Next to apps development he focuses on mobile development infrastructure. His passion is to help Android projects and engineers grow, reaching higher maturity in still young mobile industry. Code is his way of speaking and when he doesn't talk or read some, you can find him traveling, hiking, drinking beer or doing all together.