Printed Circuit Boards and Android: A Love Story Between Two Engineering Disciplines

Mario Bodemann

Android Chapter Lead


You know how to write Android Apps, but do you know how to design a circuit and let it get manufactured?

Or you know about Printed Circuit Designs, but know nothing about Android App development?

Great, then welcome to this talk! I will be walking through my design process of a simple circuit, and the way I designed an app to communicate with this circuit. Expect some hardware terminology, some resistors, some LEDs, some fancy board designs, but also some Kotlin, some MVVM, and maybe even some Jetpack Compose to combine all of it together.

After this talk, you might even be able to make your dream come true: A custom board, that communicates with your Android App, and who would not be excited about that?

Hey, I am an enthusiastic Google Developer Group Co-Organiser in Berlin, Germany @Berlindroid and love to inspire people to broaden their knowledge in the Android ecosystem.

Right now I work as an Android Chapter Lead at Mobimeo GmbH, building and maintaining a great team at one of the nicest corporate startups of the Deutsche Bahn,

Feel free to talk to me or reachout ⌨️.♥️