Refactoring UI

Prateek Prasad & Joe Birch

Android Engineer


Jetpack Compose is here and comes with a paradigm shift in how we build Android apps. Over the years we have become accustomed to writing apps in a bottom-up approach, building core business components first and wiring the layers with the UI later. In this traditional approach the management and modeling of state, along with how it impacts the UI layers of our apps, are often an afterthought.

Working with Compose requires a fundamental shift in how we think about UI and its state. In this talk, we will migrate an existing app over to Jetpack compose. In the process, we will cover migrating state to a single source of truth, how to decompose a screen into smaller more flexible components and how to avoid common performance pitfalls in Compose that often go unnoticed.

Prateek hates talking about himself in the third person. He writes this while demolishing another batch of dumplings. He works as an Android Engineer at Buffer and mentors junior developers outside of work. He also likes Star Wars and believes in aliens 👽 (this bio may or may not have been written by one)

Hi, my names Joe. I’m an Android Engineer and Google Developer Expert for Android, Google Pay and Flutter based in Brighton, UK working on the Android team at Buffer. I’m passionate about coding and love creating robust, polished and exciting projects for mobile, the web, TV, wearables and I’ll probably be toying with whatever the new thing is at the time you’re reading this – I love to be constantly learning. I’m also a keen writer as I love to share my learnings and experiences with others.