That's how we scroll in Flutter

Krzysztof Krasiński-Sroka

Tech Lead


Hands-on workshop on creating custom slivers for achieving beautiful and performant scrollable experiences. The workshop will:
- introduce participants to slivers, their constraints, and layout properties,
- teach how to embed slivers into one- and two-dimensional scrollable viewports,
- present less common sliver attributes such as overlap

Krzysztof started his professional journey by wrangling test automation and shifting pixels at Google. After several years of comfortable living, he decided that it's time for more independence and got involved with mobile development, and discovered shortly after that discovered Flutter. it charmed him so much that he decided not to go back to the old ways and became a Google Developer Expert for Flutter, community organizer, speaker, and trainer. He started his own company - Widgeters - in 2020, providing Flutter-focused development and consulting services.