The Billion User Open Secret

Abel Adugam A. Nibori

Founder & CEO


Billions more users will be connected differently.
The key to creating a refreshing experience is one important question: HOW.
In this conversation, I will share my and the experts' experience on some of the ways to achieve this goal effectively. I call it the Magic Open Secret.
We will look at things like;
- Psychological User Behavior
- Foundational Code Architecture
- The Dilemma of users Ethical Experiences
and More

Understanding this concepts will help shape a new perspective on building softwares.

By the end of this talk, you will have a complete piece of the knowledge pie that is a mystery that you can use to create for the next billion users.

I'm a 20 Y/O Founder & CEO of a British based software development conglomerate building three incredible products currently.

I'm a GitLab Hero & my happiest moments is when I'm on stage sharing my experience and knowledge.