The journey of adopting Jetpack Compose in Babbel’s App

Benjamin Kadel & Ahmed Mabrook

Senior Android Developer & Android Engineer


As the world’s first language learning app. A leader in the online language learning industry and ranked as the world’s #1 innovative company in education.
In Babbel engineering, we always thrive to provide not only the latest technology to serve our customers but also the latest technology that saves us time and enhances our product quality and performance.
Hence, we have always been early adopters of the newest tech that fits our needs. And Jetpack Compose is no different.

In this session, we will be sharing Our journey of adopting Compose into the Babbel App, the lessons learned, the ups and downs, the decisions we made and why we made them, and how to replicate that in your app. Basically, all and every takeaway from our journey starting from adopting the compose mindset all the way to how we integrated it with the already existing app architecture, design system and see what differences Compose has made to the Babbel app.

This isn’t a sci-fi or a fairytale, but let us take you on the real-world adventure that was integrating Compose into the Babbel app.

Developer, Presenter/Teacher, Open source advocate, Ultimate frisbee player & Board game hoarder.
I love the fact that I get to code for a living, but I am also incredibly passionate about sharing, collaborating and helping others on their dev journey!
I also have a growing YouTube channel (youtube.com/benkadel), where I try to make entertaining & educational content about programming, the tech industry and specific tutorials to breakdown complex topics.
I adore presenting, story-telling and just generally engaging with an audience. If I am able to make life, even just a little brighter for someone then I have succeeded!

Android engineer with 7+ years of experience who's passionate about mobility and empowering people through learning. I worked on creating widely used apps such as Babbel, Mindvalley, and Yellow Pages.

When I'm not creating stuff you can find me either cooking something nice, learning something new, or hiking through a mountain or a jungle.